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Olle Linder in percussion, double bass, backing vocals and soprano guitar.
David Lombardi in concertina, violin and viola
Jens Klitgaard and David Silva in backing vocals
Natalie Knutzen in production, lead voc and guitar
Mastered at Ethnoel music by Roberto Noel
Released by El Sol y la Luna music

Your Love - Natalie Beabella


Your love – lyrics


Your love broke the circle

Your love opened the way

Your love has given me in deep

Something to understand

Your love allowed me to talk

Your love opened the door

Bringing back from deepest oceans

Something that ́s worth the

Bring me back, bring me back home

Your love gave me shelter

Your love made me search

For this souls that has been sleeping

Waking up to who I am

Your love found what has been missing

Your love found what I still deserve

To remember what I ́m needing

To stay true to myself

Bring me back, bring me back home

And if I should fall again

and if I would be so lost again

Your love will guide me safe

Back home, where I belong

Your love held my spirit high

Your love called for the sun

so that it would always shine

helping me to find my heart

Where it is I hide my heart

Cause everybody is on a way back home

And nobody makes all alone