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Only the stars

Only the stars

Lyrics & music Natalie “Katten” Knutzen

No Te Doy Más! - Natalie Beabella

Vocals: Natalie “Katten” Knutzen

Double-bass: Damian Falcon

Piano: Federico Siksnys

Violin: Santiago Jimenez

Backing vocals: Lena “Saft Stockholm” Bjärskog

Produced at El Sol y la Luna music by Natalie “Katten” Knutzen and Saft Stockholm, recorded in Spiral studios-Buenos Aires and El Sol y la Luna studios-Stockholm

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Looking back into the past
Hoping then we would be at last
All those things that I must confess
Still remain hidden in my chest

I know what it takes
To stay awake while it burns
To drift away if it hurts too much
Or chose my words if the case is such

And only the stars above
Can show us who we truly are
Only the quiet night will hear me

So we go
And so we fall
We recall we won’t let go
Things unsaid for what we felt
The universe was not prepared

I’m sorry I didn’t dare
So sorry
I ran away from you
But you know what they say it’s true
You do the best with what you get

When will I ever dare,
To show you how much I care?
Years can pass but still
The game will keep me safe from giving
My love
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