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Lyrics & music Natalie “Katten” Knutzen

No Te Doy Más! - Natalie Beabella

Guitar and vocals: Natalie “Katten” Knutzen

Congas: Liliana Zavala

Cajón: Marcelo Pereyra

Double-bass: Basse Berghult

Violin: Marcos Chagallo

Backing vocals: Marcos Chagallo,Marcelo Pereyra,Liliana Zavala, Gunnar Thullberg, Marcos Chagallo

Cuban Tres: Gunnar Thullberg,

Produced at El Sol y la Luna music by Natalie “Katten” Knutzen

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We almost didn’t notice each other
In a land where there’s no one left to bother
I prayed to the moon,
Thinking I’ll be home soon
While he stays here
Looking for food in the garbage

I said to myself it doesn’t matter
But the image remained with me for the rest of the day
When hunger is a crime taking so many lives
Denial is almost impossible to sustain

Open up your eyes now and see
If not for him then for me
If you were given a choice
Would you then raise up your voice?
Life seems to happen so fast
What do you want to see in your past?
What if this is al we have got
Wouldn’t we be missing a lot?

I heard someone say
You shouldn’t care so much
Take what you have got
you don’t want to be like that
From this point of view
Think it’s them it’s not you
It’s not me, but why do I take it so personal?

Could it be that our destinies ain’t that far?
No matter the background we still are one
One under the sun
With this Earth as our ground
And we all need of each other just as much

Otro día más cartonero
Otro día pa trabajar

Día a día trabaja destino a destino
Busca lo que otros no saben que es bueno
Porque nadie ve lo que pasa en el esquina
Ni los que caminan entro los basureros?
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